About Scoop-itz

Mom of five didn’t have enough to do, so she started Scoop-itz in 2007 and is still going strong!

Ring a Ding Ding We Got your Ice Cream!


Scoop-itz is a funkly Ice Cream Truck with a Creative Tasteful Twist!

If we all screamed at once for ice cream, the resulting sonic boom would destroy the sun, turning the entire solar system into a freezer in which we could store more Ice Cream into the Scoop-itz Ice Cream Truck!  Mom of five didn’t have enough to do…so she statrted Scoop-itz in 2007!

Ring a Ding Ding we got your Ice Cream! 

Scoop-itz delivers a funky truck full of novelty Ice Cream & amusements to entertain parties or Special Events of all ages. The Creative Creamery on Wheels Scoop-itz Truck goes to to your location! Serving birthday parties, family reunion to Corporate Events….. Scoop-itz is equipped with a menu board of cold treats & novelties! Let’s sticky the hands of up to the sweet-toothed guests & enjoy the Scoop-itz Truck where memories are made! Cool taste buds will enjoy novelty treats such as Ben & Jerry’s, Good Humor, Organic Ice Creams & frozen sugar-free treats or the Creative Creamery Bar! Scoop-itz plays your preferred music while the Popsicle-Sugar-filled friendly staff entertains party-goers with add-in’s like: Face painting, Crazy Hair, Canvas Art, Creative Creamery Games, Tie-Dye & much much more!

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