Extra Add-Ins: Creative Creamery on Wheels Package

$1-$3.50 Ice Cream novelty pops:
$50.00 Party Invites/ delivered two weeks prior to event
$25.00 Party Girl/Boy receives Scoop-itz gift because it’s their special day!
$40.00 – 3 Creative Creamery games
$4.00 per child face painting: Theme of choice!
$7.00 per child basic craft
$12.00 per child extended craft
$6.00 per child crazy nails
$8.00 per child crazy hair (Boys love this too!)
$10.00 per goodie Bag per child
$6.00 glitter tattoo
& lots more!

Scoop-itz plays music!
Scoop-itz can announce that it’s Your Day!
Siblings can be included in craft with parental guidance only. Extra cost per sibling!

Prices subject to change!

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